Thursday, October 31, 2013

Worst "universities" in the United States of America

It is difficult to imagine how some universities claim to teach subjects that
are not tainted by dogma and misinformation. It is done in the name of
religion, more specifically Christianity, and therefore it is acceptable
(even revered) to some. Here is a list of some colleges that are to higher
education what the Creationist Museum in Kentucky is to real museums
of science. These are the ultra right wing fundamentalist ones.
It is beyond sad. They are a true waste of time, money and minds.
A degree from one of these schools is as good as a bag of skittles.
A theology degree from one of these schools is worth one green skittle.

TOP FOUR (or should I say bottom four)

Bob Jones University

Oral Roberts University

Liberty University

Regent University

The Rest

Hope College

Trinity University

Bethel College

Pensacola Christian College

Grove City College

Christian University

Texas Christian University

Houston Baptist University

Campbell University

Nyack College

Biola University

Judson University

Bethel University

Judson College

Evangel University

Azusa Pacific University

Greenville College

Colorado Christian University

Waynesburg University

Whitworth University

College of the Ozarks

Samford University

Seattle Pacific University

Westmont University

Franciscan University of Steubenville

California Baptist University

Palm Beach Atlantic University

Geneva College

Point Loma Nazarene University

Eastern University

Montreat College

Point Loma Nazarene University

Covenant College

Southeastern University

Oklahoma Baptist University

College of the Ozarks

Calvin College

Houghton College

Whitworth University

Gordon College

George Fox University

Westmont College

John Brown University

Wheaton College   Bill Maher: Liberty University is not a real school  Richard Dawkins slams Liberty University

"One had only to look at the peerlessly fatuous fact of an Oral Roberts, for example, to
realize that the human race must be the product of evolution. None but the most
heartlessly irresponsible deity would have 'created' him like that..."
Christopher Hitchens


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