Tuesday, August 27, 2013

pathetic hypocrites

If you want to find liars, cheats and thieves, the best
places to start are in religion and politics.
 Jerry Falwell, waste of flesh
Rick Warren
Jimmy Swaggart

Ted Haggard
Jim Bakker
Tim and David Bayly are
brothers and pastors of hate
James Dobson
Benny Hinn aka Mr. Fraud
Randall  Terry
Richard Roberts

James Hagee
 "When I do a good deed, I do so not with an eye toward gaining God's favor; I do
it because if I did not, I could not look at myself in the mirror. A moral deed is
by definition its own reward. Davis Hume, a believer, made this point in a very
poignant way, when he wrote that the only way to show true respect for God is
to act morally while ignoring God's existence."
Slavoj Žižek 
No medicine but God (although she liked her morphine).

 Tim Tebow


Newt Gingrich



Pat Robertson

Ray Lewis


http://youtu.be/WjxOVOLKkdQ  Bill Maher on Hypocrisy of Christians



 Larry Craig
Rick Santorum
Anne Coulter

Rush Limbaugh

Ted Cruz and Johnny Walker Boehner

Bill O'Reilly

Michelle Bachman

 Anthony Scalia
Jesse Jackson Jr.

Bob Barr
John Roberts

Kirk Fordice
Stephen Fincher

Louie Gohmert

Paul Broun

John Edwards

Joe Walsh

Laura Richardson

Peter Roskam

Scott Des Jarlais

Trent Franks
Marco Rubio
Steve King

Mitch McConnell         

Donnie Trump
Laura Schlessinger
Timothy Hutchinson
David Vitter

Bobby Jingle
Todd Akin
Andre Bauer

Lindsey Sally Graham

 Eric Cantor
Christians are hypocrites
    Christians, they love to talk about how loving, dutiful and compassionate they are, yet I have yet to meet ONE who does not practice hypocrisy to the highest degree.  Their willful ignorance of the Bible combined with their two faced idealism to preach it, has made us sick, hasn’t it?  For nearly two thousand years Biblicists have been lecturing people on the importance of adhering to the Bible’s teachings on ethics, manners, and morality.  They quote Jesus and Paul profusely, with a liberal sprinkling of Old Testament moralism.  The problem with their approach lies not only in an oft- noted failure to practice what they preach, but an equally pronounced tendency to ignore what the Bible itself, preaches.  Christians practice what can only be described as “selective morality”.  What they like, they cling to and shove down other’s throats; what they don’t like, they ignore vehemently.  That which is palatable and acceptable is supposedly applicable to all; while that which is obnoxious, inconvenient, or self-denying is only applicable to those addressed 2,000 years ago.  Their hypocrisy is so rampant that even the validity of calling oneself “Christian” is in question. I see so many people enjoy quoting the Ten Commandments, the Sermon on the Mount, and some of Paul’s sermons, but don’t even PRETEND to heed other, equally valid, maxims.

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