Tuesday, August 27, 2013

religion kills

"Religion was the creation of fear. Knowledge destroys fear.
Without fear, religion can't survive."
 Michael Moorcock
"He that is not with me is against me."
Jesus, Matthew 12:30
"Kill those who join with other gods."
Koran, Sura 9:5
"No kingdom has ever suffered as many civil wars
as the kingdom of Christ."









The Pope loved the Nazis.




http://youtu.be/ckK5XC7zNaw Hitchens and Dawkins
"Since the early days, [the church] has thrown itself violently against every
effort to liberate the body and mind of man. It has been, at times and
everywhere, the habitual and incorrigible defender of bad governments,
bad laws, bad social theories, bad institutions. It was, for centuries, an
apologist for slavery, as it was an apologist for the divine right of kings."
H.L. Mencken

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